Saying goodbye…is hard

So, we are on our way to being on our way.

Our worldly possessions are now safely stowed in a storage space in Wimbledon. Yep, it was a good hour and a half slog down south from where we live in Archway – but hey – it was cheap, they collected it for free, and the moving dudes were super helpful and crafty when it came to stacking it all into our rented 90ft cube-shaped room.  We also managed to bring important things like winter clothes (for when we get back in Feb 2012 and it’s flipping freezing) and other handy items to Chris’ parents place.

But now comes the hard part of saying goodbye to London. But how do you really? From reading Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland as a kid, to buying stacks of records made by English bands – Britain was the place I’d wanted to live ever since I can remember. And in a way, it’s because I live here now that I feel able to go that extra bit further to new lands that are that much different from what I’ve known up until now.

But before we set sail  – I wanted to honour the home I’ve found here and the people I’ve met. Here are some of the ways we’ve said goodbye in the past week…London, England, Britain, United Kingdom – we will miss you.

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But I don’t want to leave out friends and family back home. And sometimes, especially since announcing this whole crazy trip, my fellow Americans might feel a little miffed I haven’t come home yet and now am going even further away(!) But the truth is, I love the fact I grew-up in California. I loved living in San Francisco.

I'm sad to miss my visit home this year

And I love lots of places in the States. But being somewhere where one doesn’t know the rules is just interesting – a never-ceasing source of fascination and learning.

But being so far away this time means having to stay away from home that little bit longer. And it means missing my annual visit home where two very special weddings will take place: one of a cousin who I grew-up with, and another of a friend I treasure dearly. I hope to see them next year though, and will be keeping an eye out for one-of-a-kind wedding gifts for each enroute.


About Jenn Connor

Californian in Somerset. Gardener of knowledge. Cyclist. Traveler. Professional communicator. Lover of all things green and growing.
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3 Responses to Saying goodbye…is hard

  1. coraliesays says:

    Hey Chris and Jenn

    It was lovely to be a part of the farewells to you two and to Vyvian – enjoyed the lavender and poppy fields very much yesterday with you both and Steph and John. I’ll be eagerly following your travelling blog over the next six months – have a great time!!!!! Lots of love from Coralie

  2. Stef says:

    Here’s wishing you and Chris both have an amazing journey of discovery and adventures over the next six months. I look forward to living vicariously through you!

  3. Susie@BlackburnTowers says:

    Don’t feel like you’re saying goodbye. With such a beautifully written blog we’ll all be travelling with you! I can’t wait!

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