Today is the day it begins!

So the build-up has been killing you right? What was it my brother-in-law Julian said…it’s like a really long trailer before the main feature film begins? Well, him and us both!

It’s midnight now, the day has officially arrived when we are to set sail from Harwich to Amsterdam, aboard the Dutch Flyer Ferry! I’ve got bad cotton mouth from lack of hydration due to sitting in front of this laptop for the last few hours. Not unlike cramming for a test the night before, Chris and I are still piecing it all together. There’s always a little more research to do, a few more decisions to be made.

But for the most part, we are ready. We packed our bags, weighted them (mine was 5lbs more than Chris’, in spite of the fact my backpack is a whole 15 liters smaller!), and weeded things out for several hours before doing a sample 50 meter hike across the lawn. I don’t recommend moving house before needing to carry 25lbs on your back. No, definitely can’t recommend that at all.

Here is all the crap (oops), I mean the necessary essentials, that I am bringing. And I hope my worried mother will make special mental note of the first aid kit, security Pac-Safe device (thanks to fellow travelers and friends Jesse & Dave for loaning us this expensive piece of kit) and protective sun hat.

For the next 6 months, a material world is not exactly what we will be living in

But I’m proud to say that thanks to Chris’ practical thinking (once again), I got my clothes down to a very small amount in the end!

Clothes compressed down to the size of a chocolate cake / small go-cart tire!

So we are almost off on our adventure. With only our trusty Kindle (thanks Lisa!), iPhone and folder of print-outs to guide us. Yes, it’s a little more techie and well-informed than the intrepid explorers of the ole frontier – but we don’t want to go the way of the Doner Party now do we?

Now to sleep, before it begins for REAL


About Jenn Connor

Californian in Somerset. Gardener of knowledge. Cyclist. Traveler. Professional communicator. Lover of all things green and growing.
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One Response to Today is the day it begins!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a wonderful time. Your sense of adventure came from your wandering Mom in spite of my protectiveness for you.

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