The Route

Bon voyage!

Everytime people find out we are embarking on this trip, they naturally ask where we are going. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, the truth is that deciding where to go has taken us months. And it’s still changing!

So if anyone has any ideas they want to share with us – it’s not too late! Just drop us a comment below.

Our first challenge was how to structure our time. Jenn didn’t want to just be sitting on a beach spacing out for 6 months (she burns too easily anyway) and Chris wanted to volunteer in some way. And neither of us wanted to be running from place to place, seeing lots of things but not really getting a real, deeper understanding for anything in particular.

There are two great books we got ahold that really helped us solidify our thinking:

  • Gap Years for Grown-Ups: lots of ideas about how to use your time away, be it to learn, share your professional skills with others, or give something back – lists helpful websites and organisations to help you find what’s right for you
  • First Time Around the World: this is a practical guide about planning where you are going, what to bring (and what not to bring) and tons of tips for the long-term traveler

So, after much thought – the plan is to travel overland (and oversea) from Britain, through Eastern Europe and then hop a flight onwards to Asia, arriving in Australia by Christmas time. In-between, the journey is peppered with key activities. Jenn is interested in natural herbal remedies and spices, while Chris wanted to share his film & editing skills with an NGO in need.

Where in the world

July 2011




  • Beijing – New Dehli, India
  • Yoga ashram stay – white water rafting on Ganges – hiking in Himilayas
  • Train to Mumbai – Fly to Kerala
  • Visit herb farms in Southern India


  • Fly to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Make promotion documentary film for Eco-tourism organisation


  • Cambodia – Bali, Indonesia
  • Visit the Maluku Spice Islands of Banda
  • Indonesia – Melbourne, Australia (spend Christmas)

January 2012

  • Visit Chris’s family in Perth, explore Australia
  • Return to London

3 Responses to The Route

  1. Stephanie Hall says:

    Love this site. All your research has been worth it. You’ve found some really exciting and out of the ordinary things to do and see. e.g. The Mollucas eh, just an exotic name to me, but you’ll actually be going there, what an opportunity.

  2. coraliesays says:

    Looking forward to reading/seeing all your adventures

  3. sophie says:

    looks great! re yoga ashram u should check out sivananda ashram in Rishikesh. swami sivananda spent alot of time there.

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