The Idea

For over a year now, Chris has had the idea to travel the world. And slowly, Jenn has come around to the idea too.

While saving money for some vague future goal is one thing – telling your clients they’ll have to do without your services, arranging for movers to come and whisk all your worldly possessions off into a storage space somewhere in the neather regions of London, and finding an adoptive home for your cat is quite another.

Reality sets in that you really have no idea what you are doing and no idea what you have gotten yourself into. Worst case scenario, you contract some unpronounceable disease and die in an exotic foreign land. Best case scenario you have the time of your life and are forever changed for the better. Chances are it’ll be somewhere in-between…getting a case or two of bad diarrhea, whilst having some amazing experiences along the way.

But come what may – we’ve got each other, we’ve got this chance, and we’re gonna take it!

Keep in touch with us as we plan the journey, hit the road and stop along the way to ponder it all.

Love from,

Chris and Jenn


1 Response to The Idea

  1. Julian says:

    I feel like I am in the cinema waiting for the trailers to end. Can’t wait for the feature to start. Toodle pip.

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